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DiversPack cuts and packs various types of cheese in convenience packagings. Whether it concerns farm cheese, processed cheese or cheese with herbs. Various combinations in cheese, weight, shape and packaging are possible. DiversPack has many modern cut- and packing disciplines.

On these pages you can find the various possibilities of DiversPack. This is shown by indicating several moments or occasions where cheese products, cut and packed by DiversPack, can be used.

This is especially intended to inspire; more is possible! DiversPack is always searching for new challenges and sees itself as innovative partner in product development.

Cheese for a festivity

A delicious cheese cube in the evening or a cheese bite at a party. DiversPack offers many possibilities to provide delicious cheese cubes in a portioned packing. For example packed in a tray-seal (tray + film) or standing bag.

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Cheese for on the go

We all sometimes experience the need for an easy snack, for example to eat on the go or at school or work. Thereby is the need to eat responsible. Below you can see the possibilities of DiversPack on the field of healthy, portioned, ‘on the go’ cheese products.

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Cheese for in the meal

Many consumers consider cheese in their meal as a delicious additive. DiversPack cuts and packs cheese in small sachets or in bulk packs. The cheese is being used as part of a salad, pizza, ready-to-eat meal or meal plate.

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Cheese as promotion

How can you introduce a new type or taste of cheese to the consumer? DiversPack offers several possibilities in for example small portion packs or in a bulk pack.

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