Cheese to go

We all sometimes experience the need for an easy snack, for example to eat on the go or at school or work. Thereby is the need to eat responsible. Below you can see the possibilities of DiversPack on the field of healthy, portioned, ‘on the go’ cheese products.

Adult snack

Small portions of cheese from 15 to 20 gram are being cut and packed at DiversPack. These small portions can be bundled; useful on the go. Vacuum portions or portions packed in protective atmosphere can be packed in a net or standing bag. These products are specially aimed at portion control: being aware of the number of calories and energy that a portion contains. Several examples are listed below.

Kids snack

Particularly for kids DiversPack produces healthy cheese snacks with a playful element; tasty for at school or on the go. Below several examples of healthy cheese portions especially designed for kids are listed. All the below packs are flow pack portions or vacuum portions, packed in a standing bag (multi-bag) in protected atmosphere or packed in a net.