DiversPack supplies its products to the Dutch and international food and retail. Within these segments DiversPack is also active as partner for A-brand manufacturers in the field of product development.

Retail & Out-of-home

Various products -cut and packed at DiversPack- find their way to the consumer through retail. Many of the cheese convenience products in retail have been designed, developed and introduced together with brand manufactures.
Furthermore, DiversPack supplies more and more products for Out-of-home. Several products have been developed for convenience purposes; to consume ‘on the go’.

Airline catering

DiversPack also cuts and packs products for use in airline catering. Think for example of a bar of cheese or cheese cubes on a meal plate in the airplane.

Meal prepares

DiversPack provides several basic cheese products for meal prepares, who use it to create an even better and more complete meal.


Various cheese products destined for export worldwide have been produced at DiversPack.