About DiversPack

‘Cheese family’

Growing up in a real ‘cheese family’, owner of DiversPack Dick Verburg, has been in contact with cheese in his early years. From his childhood Dick worked on the markets where his father had a fixed stall or in the families’ cheese specialty stores. In the eighties and nineties more diversity in ways of selling and consuming cheese is noticed: The consumer does not only feels the need of a cheese of piece for using on bread, but focuses more and more on convenience products.

Specialist in cutting and packing

In 1997 there is an opportunity to take over a special portion packing line and there is no moment of doubt. In 1997 the adventure of DiversPack starts with producing and packing small portions of cheese. At the start of the organization, the main purpose was to offer a qualitatively distinctive and varied set of cubes, triangles and bars of cheese. Packed per piece or in a consumer or bulk package.

img-contentFrom 2008 DiversPack is located in a new building, in which the various cutting- and packaging techniques have been extended. Moreover, in this new building DiversPack has the possibility to produce products under the right conditions, that meet the highest quality standards.

Expert in cheese convenience

Nowadays DiversPack is a leading company of packing cheese convenience for retail, (airline) catering, out-of-home, meal preparers and export. Whether it concerns cheese cubes for meal salads, a slice of cheese on the meal plate in the airplane, cheese cubes in a tray or bag at the supermarket or even cheese cubes in the catering; there is a great chance that it is cut and packed at DiversPack in Woerden.